The Southern California Motion Picture Council is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1936 to promote the best in motion pictures. One of the oldest Hollywood organizations, this prestigious group has been encouraging the production of diverse and international family oriented films and television programs for almost 80 years. We promote civic-minded, educational and cultural programs of exceptional merit and present Golden Halo awards for the best in movies, television, stage plays, and the performing arts.


Our first honoree was Jean Harlow and our events are attended by Hollywood's greatest living legends including Academy Award winning actress Margaret O'Brien, Rose-Marie, Tippi Hedren, Carol Channing and many others. Held at the historic Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City CA, the walls speak of a star-studded past including Lauren Bacall, Bette Davis, Katherine Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Robert F. Kennedy, Spencer Tracy, Mickey Rooney and John Wayne.





Lord Randal Malone The Grand Marquis - President


Michael Schwibs - Vice President, Treasurer, Council Historian, Event Coordinator


Elizabeth Gardino - Secretary, Longtime Board Member, Event Advisor


Angela Adelman MD - Board Member


Jason Adelman - Board Member


Jeanine Shostak - Board Member, Liaison Stu's Show


Stu Shostak - Board Member, Liaison Stu's Show


Diane Riedy - Board Member


David Reidy - Board Member





Pat Walmsey - Our Lady of Song


Reverend Keith Brandt - Reverend


George Foster - Entertainment Director


Bridget McDonald - Photography, Recording Artist, Liaison Women's International Center


Jean-Pierre Prieur - Videography, Webmaster, Archive Creation, Bionic Sisters Productions


Jeff LeRoy - Videography





Margaret O'Brien - Advisory Board Member


Rose Marie - Advisory Board Member


Price Mario Max Schaumburg Lippe - Advisory Board Member and Royal Ambassador


Countess Yola - Advisory Board


Dorothy Dale Kloss - Advisory Board Member


Ken Prescott - Advisory Board Member, Liaison Hoofer Productions


The Council gives very special thanks to our longtime supporters and coordinators including Elizabeth Gaudino, our former Event Coordinator and Treasurer, Bee Beyer RIP our former Senior Executive Vice President, and Brian Rushing our former Entertainment Director.